OuR stOry

Hey there, we're Ellen, Will + Wally

After hearing our friends discuss not wanting to throw out food scraps, or having a place to bring their food scraps separate from their trash, we thought it would be a great idea to see if someone would come pick it up. We found out...there wasn't!

Whether you are worried about bears, don't have the time to drive to the drop-off facility, are sick of cleaning out buckets, or don't have the space for a back yard composter, we want to make it easy for you to stop wasting your food waste.

We're connecting the dots between those who create food waste (you!) and those who can turn it back into compost and return it to the earth. 



Chief Bucket Mover

Will is most likely the one picking up your bucket and handing out dog biscuits. 

When he's not moving buckets, he is working with kids as a social worker at a local K-8 school.

In his free time, he's climbing rocks, riding bikes, or running up and over Camel's Hump.

Need a buddy to kayak with, trade a belay, or rock hop on the trail? Will is your guy.


Director of Decisions


If you've called or emailed, most likely, Ellen is on the other end. She's our marketing master and keeps the machine well greased.

When not driving the other truck on weekends, Ellen is photographing weddings.

Ellen prefers to hop on a bike, rather than  throw on a backpack for a hike. Five years ago, she biked from Florida to Maine!


wally + ROO

Quality Control Paw-fficers

Wally + Roo ensure all buckets are cleaned to satisfaction and that all dog biscuits are baked perfectly. 

They're usually lounging lazily in the back of truck waiting for a snack and making sure the day is full of quality belly rubs and tail wags.

In 2020, Wally has completed over 100 miles on the Long Trail and is always by Will and Ellen's side when they're on the trail. He even has his own instagram...@wallyswanders if you want to keep up with his adventures.